About Us

About Us

Pet it Chihuahuas Mission:

Pet it Chihuahuas is setting a new standard in the pet industry. We are passionate about chihuahuas and small dogs, going above and beyond with our breeding practice to constantly improve the chihuahua breed. Our 3 main objectives are HEALTH. CONFORMATION. SOCIALIZATION. We want to offer what no kennel does- Create a strong, family orientated brand that not only offers the best chihuahuas available in the industry for show and pets, but also the assistance needed to raise your dog, quality free information to all dog owners, and an exclusive line of speciality small dog products. Please use this site as a resource and share your knowledge to others!

About Pet it Chihuahuas:

Aaron and Erin Speciale are the creator behind pet it Chihuahuas! We are a married couple, parents of two little tots and all our chihuahuas. It is a busy job, but we love what we do. We feel the quality and time we spend on our website, should be a reflection of the quality of our care and of our dogs. Since so many ask, we have created the website, have done all the photography and graphic design as well as written the all the website content ourselves. Erin is also responsible for personally handcrafting our exclusive line of Pet it Dog Apparel. We started breeding 5 years ago when we first got our pair of Canadian Kennel Club registered Chihuahuas. Prior we always had large dogs (great danes!)We are always seeking to improve, and evolve into what we envision a good breeder to be, while staying true to our focus.

Did you know ? We make luxurious pet accessories, beds and apparel specifically hand crafted with your toy breed in mind. The environment is an integral component of our lifestyle which is why Pet it dog apparel is crafted with many remnant leathers and recycled materials. Many of our products are one-of-a kind, so create a statement by fashioning your pup in handmade apparel !


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