Chihuahua Breed Standard

Chihuahua Breed Standard

A chihuahua, like every dog exhibits unique qualities specific to the breed, but also unique and different traits within the breed. Just like us, chihuahuas can look quite different from one another. As breeders, we strive to maintain the standards of the breed and want to develop the traits and qualities that make up this beautiful breed! There is much more than size when it comes to the chihuahua.

Below is a brief outline of what is the chihuahua breed standard !

Group: All chihuahuas, whatever size or coat length are part of the Toy breed group

Classification: all chihuahuas fall into the Long or Short Coat category

Appearance : Graceful, Alert, Saucy expression

Temperament : Intelligent, affectionate, reserved towards strangers, can be stubborn!

Weight: Well balanced 6lbs and under

Coat : Smooth, close to body and glossy

Colour: Chihuahuas come in every colour. Merles are disqualified in showing.

Head shape: Well-rounded apple-dome skull with lean cheeks and jaws. Muzzle moderately short and slightly pointed.

Ears: Large ears held erect when alert and at a 45 degree angle when relaxed.

Body: Level top line (back) and slightly Longer than they are tall

Info from the Canadian Kennel Club. For more information on the breed standard visit The Canadian Kennel Club here


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