Chihuahua Health Topics

Teacup chihuahua pet it chihuahuas canada`s smallest chihuahua breederTeacup chihuahuas, are they real?

Teacup chihuahuas are not their own breed, it is a commonly used term too describe the weight and size of a chihuahua. Read more…


Luxating Patellas & floating kneecaps pet it chihuahuasWhat are Luxating Patellas?

The patella is the bone we know as the knee cap. The knee cap for dogs and humans both sit in the same place. Read more…


How to socialize chihuahuas pet itHow to Socialize chihuahuas

How to socialize chihuahuas, humm…. first lets take a look at what we do with our little companions. If you own a chihuahua or small dog then chances are you know what i mean by my chihuahua being unsocial or maybe even acting like a baby. You look and search for that perfect puppy with the perfect button nose, those eyes that tell you,  Read more…


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