Moxie`s Chihuahua Puppies 4 weeks old

Congratulations to Moxie on her first litter of 5 healthy boys! Moxie was bred to Ty dye who is our primary stud and comes from an impeccable pedigree. Ty dye was chosen to help bring out the chocolate and chocolate spotted on white chihuahuas which are colours that we love!

Moxies puppies are now 4 weeks old and are thriving together. We chose to use the Hobbit as the inspiration for the names, Thorin, Balin, Bombur, Nori, and the little teacup Bilbo B. We expect this litter of chihuahuas to be on average 4 lbs except for teacup Bilbo B who is projecting to be 3 lbs according to the chihuahua weight chart.

Moxie is from our first litter from Thunderheart Livinlavidaloca a.k.a. Wonka Beans. Moxie lives with her wonderful owner Cynthia where she gave birth to her 5 wonderful males. Moxies puppies are home raised chihuahuas and are recieving the best care possible. They are socialized with adults & children, and are raised in an extra large whelping box with crate to maximize safety and space as they develop.

Pet it chihuahuas has started the dewormer ( Strongid T ) with the puppies at 4 weeks of age and they will receive an additional dose every week up until 9 weeks of age when our chihuahua puppies are ready to leave with their new owners. All pet it chihuahua puppies are vaccinated at 8 weeks of age when their immune system is strong enough to endure the full dose of vaccination recommended by our licensed veterinarian. All of Pet it chihuahuas are naturally weaned from their mother to ensure full development of each chihuahua puppy. We want you to have the healthiest chihuahua possible, which is why we offer an extraordinary 7 year health guarantee!

We look forward to watching these beautiful chihuahua puppies grow and develop into their own personalities!

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