Our Male Chihuahua Tut

Pet it King Tut is our newest male to our chihuahua family. He comes from a strong pedigree with proven lines that have very small chihuahuas. King Tut is a perfect example of what a show dog should look like according to the chihuahua breed standard. King tut is from AKC registered lines and will be soon transferred to CKC. We are looking forward to amazing litters sired by Tut!


Full Name: Pet it King Tut

Call Name / Nick names: Tut & Tut the butt

Favorite Pass time: Hanging out with Onyx (our pet chihuahua) Modelling for Pet it Dog Apparel, posting selfies on instagram @petitdogs

Sex: Male

Registration: Canadian Kennel Club and American Kennel Club

Classification: Long Coat Chihuahua

Colour: Black, Tan and White

Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz.


Pet it chihuahuas king tut




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