Belle has been transitioning well. She is even better behaved than we thought she would’ve been. All credits go to you and your wife for such a good environment for these dogs to raise their puppies. Thank you for everything. Recommending you as a breeder to everyone who asks! – S.D. Timmins, ON

He is a hit around here! My neighbour wanted him… he is so relaxed and just does his own thing. We went for a long walk in the yard with all my dogs. He wanted to play with any of them. So nice to receive a puppy that is so relaxed. We both had a nap today on my bed. I was so excited to pick him up that it took a lot out of me too. I will keep in touch and just deciding on a name. enjoy the evening.- B.T. Ottawa, ON

I wanted to give you an update on “little boxer”, who we have decided to call Roxy. She is adjusting very well and winning the hearts of everyone. She has had no issues at all. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have her in our family.I had mentioned to you while i was there that i was interested in a second pup as a companion to Roxy. Are they short hair chihuahuas or long hair, when will they be ready to go to their new homes, and what colors are available? Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family! -T.W. Toronto. ON

I don’t know what i would do without her lol shes such a crazy funny cuddle little sweetheart! shes always happy…so thanks again!! -B.G. Timmins, ON

We are home safe and sound!!! She is so sweet… cried a little and was very unsure about coming out of her crate when we were at the airport, but she did come out though and jumped around and played on the grasss before we got in the car to drive home.Thank you again for such a sweet pup!!! Hope all is well on your end..I’ll be sure to keep in touch if I have any questions 🙂 -B.K. Victoria, BC

Hi Aaron! How are you? I bought a beautiful girl from you in mid-May – “coco”. She has been a great dog, very healthy, very active and really really loves me! Thanks so much for our chi, hope you and your wife are doing great! -C. M. Toronto, ON

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve had 4 people ask for your website after posting PJ’s pics on Facebook! It would be so great if some of our friends/family members had some of her litter mates. She has already been out shopping and is so excited. Hopefully we’ve generated some real interest. Keep us posted! Thanks again!! -B.A. Toronto, ON

Just wanted to let you know Gizma is doing great!. She is such a happy healthy puppy. She never even cried her first night away from Mom and we can tell she is so well adjusted. She is a riot to watch playing and has already brought us such joy this past week. Thank you Pet it Chihuahuas for helping to bring her into our lives. We will send pictures of her shortly! -C.M. Brampton, ON

Hey guys! We just wanted to send you a quick email update on our little man! We ABSOLUTELY love him and we believe he loves us! His bowel movements have all been solid and normal and he hasn’t had any accidents. He walks perfect on the leash and his only real fear was the elevator in our building which he has now mastered! OH! we also renamed him “Maverick” or Mav for short…and he’s been responding really well! WE just want to thank you both so much for letting us adopt him! We can’t imagine having any other little guy in our life..he fits so perfect! So far everyone loves him and says what an amazing personality he has…and we tell them…its all thanks to you guys! you raised him so well! Again thank you both so much! 🙂 -R & M Toronto, ON

Thank you for all your testimonials we always love to hear your feedback and updates!


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